“Bowstring Method is one of the best
bodywork systems in the world.”
– Jane Fonda
Physical Therapy – REINVENTED
The Bowstring Method of Manual Therapy
Improve how you live.
Improve how you move.
Restore Healthy Movement Patterns – Improve Resilience
Look Better
Move Better
Feel Better
Integrative Functional Training
The Bowstring Method®
Rapidly Decreases Restrictions
For Long-Lasting Change.
Core Reform
Pilates Fusion
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Body Reform, in Beverly Hills, specializes in The Bowstring Method of Manual Physical Therapy which was created by its founder, Shannon Harris, P.T., OCS. We integrate this unique hour-long, transformative style of bodywork, with functional movement and strength training, not just for rehabilitation, but, for a proactive approach to pain-free living. Mary Perkins Harris, CMT, CAFS, utilizes Pilates, TRX, ViPR, yoga, kettlebells, core conditioning, posture and gait training for a functional and integrative approach to fitness. Other seasoned therapists include Amanda VanDyk, DPT, who specializes in conditions of the hands and feet, as well as techniques to improve dizziness, vertigo, balance disorders and migraines. She also works with patients before and after plastic surgery to improve circulation and promote healing. She is trained in the Epley maneuver. Personal trainer Mychal Prieto is StrongFirst certified in kettlebells and other fitness systems. Alex Czubakowski, D.C., is a talented chiropractor who relies heavily on his manual therapy and massage skills. Drew Dunlap CMT, is an experienced therapeutic massage therapist.