1.Where is Body Reform® located?

Our office is located at 9665 Wilshire Blvd., Suite #450, in the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Building. It’s on the corner of Bedford and Wilshire, across the street from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Located in the Beverly Hills “Golden Triangle,” visits to Body Reform can include a bit of “lifestyle therapy” as well; a stroll through art galleries, a lunch with friends, or perhaps a shopping adventure.

2.Is parking available?

There is in-building valet parking available at the rate of $3 for every 12 minutes. Free parking is available at the following locations:

  • 461 N. Bedford Dr, between Brighton Way & Little Santa Monica (1 hour free)
  • 9518 Brighton Way, between Rodeo Dr. & Camden Dr. (2 hours free)
  • 440 N. Camden Dr, between Brighton Way & Little Santa Monica (1 hour free)

Click here for a map to our location, and to nearby parking facilities.

3.Are Pilates sessions at Body Reform® for rehabilitation patients only?

No. Our individually-tailored programs will challenge, stabilize and strengthen every body – from athletes to people who haven’t exercised in years.

4.May I fill out the new patient paperwork before I come in?

Absolutely. Click the following link to download the forms now.

New Patient Forms

5.What should I wear for Pilates?

Stretchy and form-fitted clothes are best because they allow the instructor to see the body while it moves in a variety of ways. Sweats are also fine. Shorts may be worn if they are long enough to provide adequate cover. Pilates is done without shoes but we require people to wear socks for hygienic reasons. We sell Toe Sox™ for your convenience. They have rubberized bottoms and support at the arch to give your feet the best grip.

6.What should I wear for physical therapy?

It depends on the area being rehabilitated. Female shoulder or back patients may want to wear a jog bra or tank top. Knee patients may want to wear or bring shorts.

7.Is there a place to dress and/or shower?

Body Reform® has a small area for changing and lockers to hold your belongings. There are no locks but feel free to bring your own if you will be keeping valuables in the lockers. Unfortunately, we do not have showers available.

8.What else should we know?

We respectfully request the limited use of perfumes and colognes out of consideration for our patients/clients who suffer from migraines or chemical sensitivities.