The Bowstring Method® of Manual Therapy

Capitalizing on a fortunate quirk of the nervous system, the Bowstring Method® of manual therapy rebalances muscle tension in a uniquely tolerable way, with incredible speed and long lasting results. Utilizing a “whole system” approach, Bowstring Method® allows for thorough treatment of the broader syndromes often contributing to pain or limitation.

If you experience recurring pain or stiffness several times a year in the same spot, you have a syndrome that is not limited to the specific area of discomfort. With Bowstring Method® you can treat the source of your syndrome, rather than treating the symptom.

Bowstring Method® improves shape, function and mobility within individual muscles, throughout muscle groups, and among related regions of your body. Not to be confused with massage – Bowstring Method® was created by physical therapist, Shannon Harris, as a way to rapidly decrease restriction and provide long lasting change.

Bowstring Method® partners well with flexibility and strength training to facilitate improved positioning of bones, muscles and nerves, freeing your body to lengthen and conform to a more optimal position.

Prehab or Rehab…it will work either way!

With the improved “fluidity” that Bowstring Method® provides, your body is better able to absorb force and movement in a balanced way throughout its joints and muscles, rather than being limited by areas of restriction that build up year after year.

The areas of your body typically most at risk of being over-worked (neck, back, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, Achilles, etc.) are less likely to break down or cause discomfort from repetitive and localized strain when your body moves with more fluidity.

By improving the consistency of tone and removing restrictions caused by stiff myofacial tissue, Bowstring Method® helps create an environment in which your body can move more effortlessly, without the unnecessary resistance and tension that lead to injury, pain and stiffness.

Fluidity is the goal if you’re interested in a body that is resilient and more impervious to injury — a goal not as attainable with flexibility and strength training alone. Bowstring Method® is the missing link to a more pain free active life…