Shannon Harris & Mary Perkins Harris

What Others Are Saying

At whatever age, it’s important to keep one’s body in proper alignment and to address causes of aches and pains before they become chronic. With age, it becomes even more imperative.  As a woman in my 70s, with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and several replaced joints, I am nonetheless living and functioning independently, without pain and with good, youthful posture. One key reason for this is the body work I do at Body Reform. After frequenting Body Reform for several years, (thus avoiding surgery on several occasions) I want to share what I’ve experienced:

  1. The Bowstring Method is an extraordinary form of bodywork unlike anything I have known. Developed by Shannon Harris, MPT, OCS, it’s a deep, structural manual therapy system that doesn’t cause the kind of pain you have to grit your teeth to endure or the risks that chiropractic manipulation can pose, especially for older people. If I have pain somewhere, Shannon works on me to eliminate the causes before they become chronic. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the great bodywork systems in the world and needs to spread so that many more people can benefit.
  2. Mary Harris, MA, CMT directs a special form of Movement Therapy that is a creative combination of Pilates, Yoga, TRX, etc. She has a unique ability to use exercise to enhance functionality in every day life– standing, walking, sitting, balancing –so that you are stronger, less accident- prone and more youthful looking. Much of what we do, how we move, in everyday life can actually be harmful to our bodies though we’re not often aware of this until we’re older and find ourselves unable to do what we “used to do.” If you want to learn how to move in a way that displays easy confidence and get stronger in all the right places, Mary’s Movement Therapy is a key component.
  3. Body Reform’s philosophy is brilliant, emphasizing Prehab over Rehab and combining Bowstring Method’s Manual Therapy System together with Mary’s Movement Therapy in a way that is truly transformative. Physical Therapy has never felt so good and has never been so beneficial.

Jane Fonda , Actress, author

Five doctors tried–and failed–to repair me. The last orthopedist said I had the shoulder of an 80-year-old woman (I’m in my forties, and still male, the last time I checked). I couldn’t raise my hand above my waist without excruciating pain. I won’t say the process was quick or painless, but Shannon Harris achieved what everyone else said was impossible: he restored me to full heath, eradicated the pain, and was a constant pleasure to deal with (not the first impulse you have when someone’s beating you into shape). He’s over-booked and a long way from inexpensive–but that’s to be expected when you want the best. This guy’s a rock star.

Mark Gill , Millennium Films, President

Although many people I know had recommended Body Reform to me I never bothered to call because: 1) I had already been to so many body workers and no one was successful curing my back problems and 2) I never go out for bodywork being of the very spoiled variety that does it all at home. I had lower back pain pretty consistently for over 25 years. Nothing I did, including surgery, brought me much relief. Then in a rather broken state, a friend literally walked me into Body Reform. I followed the program, persevering in spite of my busy schedule because I could almost immediately see the difference — their integrated technique. While Shannon’s bodywork changed the way my muscles and joints were able to move, Mary taught me how to strengthen and stabilize in a safe and effective way. I re-learned how to walk, how to carry myself and how to go about my daily life so that the things that triggered my pain wouldn’t return. After about a year I had almost permanent relief. Now I get an occasional flair up but it is resolved quickly. I love the sanctuary and peace of their studio and the work. I love Body Reform.

Lynda Resnick , Co-Owner, POM Wonderful, Fiji Water, Teleflora

Shannon, Mary, and Team are super stars. I refer to Shannon as the “Miracle Worker”. Shannon fixed my IT band that plagued me for years. When I started with Shannon a year ago, I could not run more than 13 miles. Since he fixed me in a few sessions, I have run 3 marathons and qualified for Boston. I am now training for Ironman. I can’t give a higher recommendation. He also fixed my wife’s shoulder issues and my friend’s neck. You want it fixed? Go to the Miracle Worker.

Sean Whiteley

I was having an amazing time on my 40th BD in the South of France. One morning after a lazy breakfast on the terrace, I went for a long bike ride. I was in good shape but on the trip back to the hotel I suddenly felt a problem with my back. Later that night I was in agonizing pain and for the next week I could barely sit at dinner and I walked with a limp, dragging my right leg behind me.

In great pain I flew back to California to see my doctor. The MRI showed a 12mm disc herniation – the largest he had ever seen in his career. He sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who agreed I needed immediate surgery. Instead of going under the knife, though, I went into physical therapy. With the Body Reform team approach, guided by Shannon and Mary, I made immediate progress. As the time went by I became stronger and knew that I was going to get better. Initially, I thought I might not ever run or play sports again with my kids but Body Reform brought me back from a physical disaster. Today I am running, hiking, playing and riding a bike again.

Here I come, Tuscany.

Scott Mattingly

I’ve been a regular at Body Reform for several years and have staved off knee surgery with their help. Shannon’s bodywork is like no other. When you get off his table you feel like air was pumped into every joint. You float out of his office feeling as if you have a whole new body. Where Shannon gets the muscles and joints moving again, Mary retrains movement patterns by strengthening and stabilizing the areas that are weak so that the entire body moves better as a unit. She has an extraordinary sense of the body and is incredibly well-trained. She doesn’t do the “one-size fits all” workouts I’ve had with other trainers. Using Pilates, the TRX, and other toys, she tailors each workout to my individual needs and goals, and manages to always keep my program fresh despite the fact that I’ve worked with her for years. Tarek adds yet another layer of knowledge and skills to Body Reform that is extraordinary, acupuncture and chiropractic. All of the therapists in the office are in constant communication with each other when something is going on with a shared patient. They each support and nurture the health of the patient in his or her own way. With seeming ease they manage to combine knowledge, fun, compassion, and healing in a warm and relaxed environment. I’m a Body Reform lifer.

Darolyn Ross