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The Bowstring Method®

Transformative physical therapy, created by Body Reform co-founder Shannon Harris, that dramatically improves function, eliminates pain and boosts resilience. And it’s been so successful that patients often get better at Body Reform when they haven’t gotten relief elsewhere. [ Read More ]

Movement Therapy & Core Reform for Rehabilitation

Faulty postural habits and motor patterns are often the underlying causes of orthopedic problems, so Body Reform’s goal is to educate clients on the principals of healthy movement.  Functional exercises designed to build strength, stability, agility, balance and flexibility are carefully selected for each individual, and explained in a way that allows the principles to be applied to activities in and outside of the studio.  Body Reform believes the body is stronger and more resilient when it is addressed as a whole, instead of a disconnected group of parts. We assess and train integratively, which allows us to assess imbalances and weaknesses in movement.

Core Reform Integrative Functional Training

Groundbreaking bodywork – stunning results.

Core Reform is our signature work-out that focuses on re-educating faulty movement patterns, including posture and walking styles, that could be the cause of injuries and pain.  By fusing TRX Suspension Training, Pilates, kettlebells, ViPR, yoga, functional training, and our very own exercise innovations, we create strength and agility of your entire muscular system. Our integrative approach to fitness and rehabilitation is always personalized with your goals and lifestyle in mind, so that  your activities outside of the clinic are as strong and efficient as when you’re being coached inside the clinic. [ Read More ]


Want a more fluid and resilient body? This is the fastest way to get there. Combining the Bowstring Method® and Core Reform will rapidy improve your body’s strength, length and malleability. You’ll see transformative changes super fast with the Super Session. Offered in one hour or two hour formats.

Postural Correction & Gait Training

Clients are taught proper posture and walking techniques that reduce fatigue and stress on the joints and muscles, creating a healthier body and a relaxed, attractive, and more confident appearance.

In-Home Massage Therapy

Our Certified Massage Therapist incorporates techniques in deep tissue, Swedish massage, reflexology, and shiatsu. He also practices lymphatic drainage massage and incorporates the Bowstring Method® into his work.

Actor-Oriented Body Language Classes

Explore the wide range of gaits and postures to become a body language chameleon.

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